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What Is A LocalBitcoins Account?

LocalBitcoin is a P2P(peer-to-peer) bitcoin marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of bitcoins via various payment methods all around the world. These payment methods are cash deposit, mobile prepaid or PayPal/credit card, etc. You can earn free bitcoins by buying & selling bitcoins through this website.

A LocalBitcoins account allows you to post advertisements where you state the exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins. You can specify your city, country, or even list worldwide offers.

Local buyers (usually) reply to your ads and suggest an exchange rate and a meeting point make the trade. This way of trading is safer than doing it via PayPal because when receiving money nobody knows if the buyer will actually pay or run with your coins.

However most users on LocalBitcoins use verified PayPal accounts (which don’t contain their bank account), they use them as an intermediate payment method with extremely high fees (2%-3%+) which makes this very dangerous and susceptible to fraud!
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The best way to avoid PayPal issues is to meet in person and trade cash. This will eliminate any disputes since you are dealing with physical cash which cannot be charged back like a wire transfer or a digital payment (credit cards).

LocalBitcoins Account Types:

There are 4 main account types on LocalBitcoins: Traders, Unverified Accounts, Anonymous, and Banned Accounts:

Traders: Those users use their real identity and have a very high reputation score. They can buy/sell large amounts of bitcoins per day without having problems getting verified quickly. If you use your bank account linked to your trader’s profile, there’s usually no need for verification at all! Usually, it takes them-2 days tops.

The downside of having this kind of profile is that you get low offers because the buyers automatically know you can deal with a high volume of trades (more than an average user).

Unverified Accounts: Those guys use their real identity but they only have a very low reputation score. They still get good offers on their bitcoins but they need to be verified through an ID document upload. This takes them-2 days since there are not so many requests for unverified accounts verification. The problem is that these guys are also likely to sell your ID or bank account information!

Anonymous Accounts: Here users don’t use their real identity neither they upload any ID document. Usually, these types of guys sell stolen stuff, drugs and other illegal materials so use it at your own risk as it might lead to an investigation from the police.

Banned Accounts: those users got their account banned for any reason that LocalBitcoins doesn’t communicate. It could be because of a high rate of canceled trade requests or fraudulent activity. You shouldn’t deal with these guys since they can scam you and probably won’t give your money back.

We hope this article has been helpful, we thank you for reading!

Why You Should Buy LocalBitcoins Accounts?

We all are aware of the increasing price of bitcoins. Many people are investing their money to buy bitcoins because they know that the value will surely rise again. Bitcoin is a currency that has no owner, no authority/country controls it. You can transfer your money anywhere in this world without any hassle.

At the same time many other countries trying hard to ban bitcoins because they can’t track where your money is going & neither government has control over it so don’t be surprised if your country banned bitcoin before you want to sell yours.

So what should we do about this? We need an alternate platform to trade without involving authorities/banks or middlemen. Now I am suggesting another option Localbitcoin Accounts, you might hear about this but still, I’m going to tell you about it so that you don’t have to face any issues.

The Benefits Of Buying LocalBitcoins Accounts?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency system that was tried and tested for the first time in 2009. This digital currency system or cryptocurrency has been used worldwide, by millions of users as well as for millions of online transactions. In just 8 years from now, it has been able to reach heights that were beyond the wildest dreams of its creator Satoshi Nakamoto back then.
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He had just spent an experimentally oriented ten minutes on designing it before getting out of his system and vanishing into obscurity. This cryptocurrency operates through a peer2peer network, with no central authority to manage the monetary affairs.

Like all other currencies, bitcoins also have their rates fluctuating constantly depending upon the demand-supply ratio at a specific point in time.

Apart from bitcoins, there are other cryptocurrencies like Dash, Ethereum which have created a niche for themselves in the virtual currency world by offering rewards to their users in terms of “tokens” or bonus points; in addition to allowing secure transactions through their system.

At present, it may appear that Bitcoin is one of the most preferred cryptocurrency systems among all others available worldwide. However, its benefit over fiat currencies seems to be declining with passing days due to various reasons. The main hurdle in front of this digital coin’s growth is the unstoppable rise in its trading rates.

As per predictions made by experienced analysts and cryptocurrency experts, the Bitcoin rate would achieve $10,000 within 2018 only if nothing goes wrong during its progress towards this level which is highly unlikely. However, if the rate continues to escalate at the current pace then it may reach this mark by 2020 or 2021 easily.

Why Should Buy LocalBitcoins Accounts From Us?

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End line

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